The Project

The project is dedicated to the research of moral and political implications of artificial intelligence (AI) for the values of autonomy and justice at individual, social and political levels of human life. At the heart of the research is AI focused on practical technological solutions that have wide applications in various types of business, information, communication, traffic, functioning of public and social services, everyday life, entertainment and personal relationships. The project will examine the normative challenges of such a proliferation of AI, focusing on autonomy and justice as interrelated concepts of ethics and political philosophy. The project has five objectives: to investigate to what extent conceptions of autonomy and justice from relevant theories of ethics and political philosophy have shaped the debate on autonomous vehicles and in what directions this debate could develop further; to investigate the normative controversies associated with autonomous weapons systems, the implications their use has for the values of autonomy and justice, and their fit into the framework of just war theory; to investigate the socioeconomic consequences of the introduction of AI into various business processes, from the perspective of social and distributive justice and the perspective of the autonomy of the various stakeholders of that process; to investigate how AI systems generate tension in social and legal contexts and how specific this tension is, with respect to the values of autonomy and justice, compared to other applications of AI; to investigate the nature of human aversion to AI systems and the justifiability of using behavioral influencing, neurochemical enhancement or AI to achieve an optimal relationship between their effectiveness, human autonomy and justice. The project approaches autonomy and justice in their interconnectedness and explores their dynamic relationship across different areas and contexts of the application of AI.

A research project funded by the Croatian Science Foundation and hosted by the Institute of Philosophy, Zagreb (December 2023 – December 2027) under No. IP-2022-10-1130.